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Choosing the right Credit repair company

Repairing poor credit isn’t difficult, however, it does take time. There are legitimate credit repair firms plus they do help, like us. They deliver, but they can’t guarantee results in hours nevertheless months. There is no quick fix and it might take years to turn your credit around. Don’t end up on the road to trying to improve on your own and realize you need help when it’s too late.  Here’s some advice you can ask the company you have chosen to assist you before agreeing to use them.

The first thing you should do is order a copy of your credit score report from every of the 3 credit agencies – Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.  Determine any inconsistencies or errors so when you hire a reputable company to fix your credit, you are an informed consumer. From there, highlight the wrong items and know they’ll request supporting documentation to back your claim up.  A reputable company will help you prepare correspondence to send back to have the item removed or verified by the report. Remember there is a difference between validating and verifying.  So know the difference.

In case your info on your credit report shows you have been a victim of identity theft, place a fraud alert on your report, a security freeze, place a police report with your local authorities, and dispute the info.  This helps stop the bad guys from continuing to use your credit info and harming you further.  Also, you can add, what they call a customer’s statement, this informs any new creditor’s that this is not you applying for new credit, you can even add your phone number, so they call you every time a new account is opened.  Ensure you receive a copy of your credit report after this process.

Credit Repair


If you don’t receive a new report, you can send a written or verbal request again. Many individuals don’t know that they may have the updated credit report resent to anyone who has turned you down for credit. The credit repair company will assist you to determine which firms pulled your credit report during the last 6 months – that is as far back as you can go – and also assist you in sending the request demanding they send the corrected report and file info. Send the new report to anyone who rejected you for a job offer in the last two years.

It probably will not get you that job, but it’s the principle of the issue. Some credit repair companies will ask you to prepay them to get their services. The law states that they need to wait around for payment until they’ve finished the services you contracted them for unless you sign a retainer. Why choose a credit company?  If you are not persistent and consistent you will not achieve the results you desire.. This is where we step in and help you and how our company differs.  We offer a 7-year retainer that ensures you and your family are protected should something negative arrive on your report.  We will do unlimited disputes for 7 years, no questions asked.   In addition, we guarantee our work and have great payment plans that are affordable.  Please send us a message today on how to get started.


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